Another Sleepless Night

Thought racing
taunting… condemning
Ever reminding me of past wrongs I’ve done

Can I ever make it up
to those I have hurt
My thoughts say no… and they’ll never forgive

Give up, they tell me
Forget about all about it
Because they don’t care and never will

But I care
I was foolish and hurt people I love
And I need them to know I’m so sorry

If they could give me one last chance
If they can forgive my human errors
If they could only see how much I hurt, too

I’ll never make the same mistakes again
I’ll be a better friend, better person than I was
I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right

Maybe, if I know I have that chance
Maybe, if I know I can be forgiven
I won’t another sleepless night

The Storm

Hurt, angry
Seeing only the color red
Out of control

Emotions raging
Throwing objects and punching walls
Until exhaustion descends

Breathing deep
Trying to regain my rational self
Getting under control

Thinking clearly
Realizing it’s all so pointless
Dropping the anger

Letting go
No more hurt or anger
I forgive you

Copyright 2010 Michelle D. Wampole

The Best Revenge

I remember when I was a kid
you threw me across the room into a concrete wall
I remember the time you kicked me
until I was unconscious
When you twisted my arm so hard
up behind my back
that it broke
I remember every time you spit at me
at the top of your lungs
how retarded, worthless and unlovable I was
I remember

I still feel every blow
every scar and every wound laid open
caused by your fists or your words
Even now, years later
your voice still echoes in my had
even though you’re nowhere near
Oh yes, I remember

I hated you for years
Swore I’d kill you if I could
I even almost took my own life
in an effort to silence you once and for all
The weight of that hate and anger
grew so heavy
I became trapped under it
Unable to move forward
Unable to turn back

I finally realized I had to let it all go
I had to forgive in order to move on
It wasn’t easy, but I did it
I forgave you

I can say I wish you well
I hope your life is peaceful
I can even say I love you and mean it

And that is the best revenge

Copyright 2010 Michelle D. Wampole