If You’re Looking For Me…

I am a confirmed Internet Junkie.

Since becoming permanently disabled, I have found one of the beat ways to keep my addled brain from become even more addled is to keep it preoccupied. I do that by keeping myself active with projects that can be found on the web. Like this blog. In fact, I have several blogs. Some more active than others.

You can find me at the following places throughout the world wide web:

Personal Twitter
Manilow Music and Passion BMOFC Twitter
Michelle’s Poetry Blog
My Addled Brain Blog This Blog
The Lyrically Inclined Blog
mwampole Tumblr
Manilow Pic of the Day Tumblr
Not So Funny Politics Tumblr
Not So Moral Majority Tumblr
Proud2B…Me Tumblr Personal Tumblr
Sarcasm Is My Second Language Tumblr
Truth As I See It Tumblr

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep me and my addled brain busy.

Follow along. ♡ツ

To Blog Or Not To Blog…

That was the question that had kept gnawing away at me for some time, until my last post.

This is not the only place I post my blog, so I wasn’t surprised I didn’t get any comments here… I never get comments here on Blogger. I wonder if anyone at all even reads my blog from Blogger. LOL
The comments I did get, elsewhere, totally blew me away.

Some said I was very courageous for what I wrote. I need to set the record straight on that point.
I wasn’t being courageous, in my mind. I had just reached the point where I knew I had to stop being the coward I had always been and finally speak up about who I really am. Truth is, I was scared to death! But I had to swallow that fear and, finally, move forward and just be me. Regardless of what anyone else thought.

Interestingly enough, I thought, at least, my family followed what I wrote on Blogger. I wonder now. I know for a fact that my cousin saw my post and we talked about it. I have to thank her for the talk. I worried the most over what she would think… and while I know she doesn’t necessarily agree with it all… she said she’d still love me no matter what. That meant more than I can even put into words
As for the rest of my family… I never heard a word. So, they either missed the post entirely, or… I don’t know what.

Anyway, someone told me that she thought the things I wrote could help a lot of people. And you know, I’d love to be able to do that. To help. Even if, ultimately, it’s only ever one person. If I can do that… everything I have been through and survived will be worth it.

So, I’ll keep blogging… and I may even do it a little more often.

Stay tuned!.

*If you’re totally lost and have no idea what I am talking about, please refer to my previous blog post about Elton John and his family.

Haven’t Done This For Awhile…

I’ve been away from blogging for quite some time, but I’ve decided to stop worrying about what others think and just do what I have loved to do… write!
I’m not sure, yet, which direction I will go with this blog. Those who know me well, know I love writing poetry and I love the music of Barry Manilow and I have written blogs about both, separately, in the past.
I may just use this blog to write about a little bit of everything… we’ll see.
Feel free to follow along and all comments are welcome. I only moderate to remove SPAM comments,

Hope you’ll stop by often and have a little fun with me.