For Lisa…

How do I explain how I’ve felt since we reconnected…
How do I tell you how I feel
Was all of this something totally by chance or is it God ordained
It’s for sure complicated

All I know is that, until you came back into my life
It was all like a frame from a film frozen out of focus in time
But day by day it’s becoming clearer with you as the central theme
and I don’t want to picture you anywhere else but with me

I know you love someone else
And I know that won’t change overnight… It may never change
I’m just saying, if you ever do let go… and if you’re willing to try
I’ll be right here, always… loving you.

Is this too soon… we’ve only just reconnected
Maybe… but I loved you back then, too
And I never really stopped
So is 25 years too soon

Or is 25 years too late

I just wanted you to know
Because I know your heart is breaking
You’re not alone
Mine is breaking, too… for you.

And because I am a sucker for a really  cheesy love song… LOL