The Manilow "Endorsement"

A couple of weeks ago when Barry Manilow was in Washington, D.C., lobbying Congress to further fund Atrial Fibrillation awareness, education, and research it was reported by The Daily Caller that he admitted he donated some money to Ron Paul’s campaign in 2008 and that he “agree(s) with almost everything he says”. Somehow that caught fire, went viral and was soon reported as an endorsement of Ron Paul and his campaign for the Presidency of the United States.

You would have thought the heavens had opened up and God, himself, had pointed an approving finger at Mr. Paul for all the attention it gathered.

Fast forward a week and Mr. Manilow decides too much has been made about a donation and off hand comment that he needs to clear things up. He wrote to the Washington Post, and they later reported, that he has not and would not endorse Ron Paul, he will be voting for President Obama to have a second term.

Again, it was if the heavens opened up and God himself wagged a disapproving finger at Paul for all the boo-hooing going on in response to the perceived about face, though, in reality, there hasn’t been one as Manilow never endorsed Ron Paul in the first place. Saying you agree with something someone says is not the same as saying you will vote for them.

My question is, why? Is the Republican Party so desperate that it will consider a public endorsement from a celebrity, who, until now, hasn’t made very many, if any, public political statements, their coup de grace against the Democratic Party? If so, they’re a bigger bunch of losers than even I thought they were and, believe me, I have an¬†abysmally low opinion of the Republican Party and their potential party nominees.

Now, I absolutely adore Barry Manilow. I’ve been a fan of his since 1975. I love his music.¬†I think he’s a good man with a good heart who has done a lot for others. That being said, when it comes to politics, I do my own research on each candidate, weigh their merits, and make my own decision on who will be the best choice to hold whatever office they are running for. I don’t care that Mr. Manilow says he is voting for President Obama, it’s nothing I will consider when I am standing in that booth come November 2012.

Anyone who lets another person’s opinion/endorsement become the deciding factor of their vote is a fool. You need to do your own research, see what the nominees have already done, think of what they might be capable of doing in the future and make up your own mind. But, for the sake of this country… do make up your mind and actually vote!

Donald Trump and President Obama

President Obama has more grace, dignity and class than Donald Trump will ever possess.

This man will NEVER get my vote.

First, read this post:

Then view this video:

Now, my thoughts:

The utter audacity it took to not only stake his claim in this mess, but to be proud of it and then state he still is not satisfied… it boggles the mind. You don’t have to be an African-America to feel anger, embarrassment, and hurt. You just have to be an AMERICAN who can see beyond the Republican “Birthers” idiotic pettiness and understand the price that has been paid in the civil rights movement for us to get to the point in time where Barack Obama would not just be considered a candidate for but actually become the President of the United States.
Donald Trump may be proud of himself, and he may say he still isn’t content until the document is analyzed to his satisfaction, and the Republicans may all declare him as some kind of hero for their cause, which has been more about avoiding doing their jobs than any noble historic achievement on the behalf of the American people, but even if he were running completely unopposed for President, not only would I not vote for him, but it would be the final straw and I would move to Canada or Mexico, or anywhere else on this earth and give up my citizenship for good.
I am not proud of what Donald Trump has done. I am not proud of the Republican Party that agreed with him and backed our President into a corner he felt he had no other way out of. I am not proud of myself, because I like millions of other Americans, just sat by and let it happen… though I am not sure what I could have done personally to prevent it.
No, I’m not proud. None of us should be. Not even Donald Trump. But, then again, he has an oversized ego that constantly needs to be fed and put in the spotlight. I pray to God he doesn’t actually run for President. He’s really NOT that great a businessman (he’s filed for bankruptcy how many times?) and he’s a pretty sorry excuse for a human being.

May God bless the United States and may He bless our President, who has handled this completely unnecessary bit of nastiness with far more grace, dignity and class than Mr. Trump will ever possess.