My Wishes For You…

I wish you you knew just how much you mean to me

You may think you do, but you don’t

because I’m not always able to say how I feel

I wish you understood just how special you are

Not just to me, but to everyone touched by you

I wish this life had been kinder to you

But then again, if it had,

you may not have become the person I know

I wish you could see yourself

through the eyes of those who hold you most dear

You would never again be unsure or insecure

I wish you saw your value to those who love you more

and the opinions of those who don’t really know you less

I wish that you realize real beauty

has nothing to do with the size you wear

or the way you style your hair

It has everything to do with what’s inside your heart

and how you share it with others in your life

and you are truly beautiful.

I wish for you…





good health

good friends

a good life well-lived

I wish you more sunshine than rain

more laughter than tears

more happiness than sadness

more acceptance for who you really are

than acceptance for who you’re thought to be

more real friends, who are true to you

than pretenders who curse you when your back is turned

more sweet peace than turmoil and chaos

Above all of these things…

I wish you great love

Not just from those who care about you

but within yourself for others.

I wish you the Happiest Birthdays

The Merriest Christmases

and the nicest days

and if you haven’t figure it out by now…

I wish you to know I love you

I do

I love you

© 2012 Michelle D. Wampole

All Rights Reserved

This is dedicated to everyone in my life that I love and will love…

You all mean so much more to me than you will ever know.

Things I’ve Learned…

The last five years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to online friendships.
In turns it has been fun, educational, uplifting, frightening, disheartening, devastating and back again,
Here are some things I have learned. Who knows? They might help someone out there avoid some of the pitfalls I have run into.

1. Don’t ever give anyone you only know from online total trust unless they are able to prove they deserve it (very few will ever be able to).
2. If something feels wrong… it is! ALWAYS trust your instincts.
3. If your friendship requires a go-between/middle man for communication… it’s not a friendship. Let it go.
4. If you have a question or a concern about a friend, go directly to the source… don’t ask someone else.
5. Don’t believe that everyone you know online always has your best interests at heart, even when they say they do.
6. NEVER trust “but I’m the only one you can trust”.
7. A friend who is truly loyal and trustworthy and will back you come hell or high water, doesn’t need to constantly remind you of it. They already know you’re well aware of it because they’ve proven it.
8. If you have a friend who does need to keep reminding you how great a friend they are… find out what they’re saying about you when your back is turned, so to speak. And be prepared for fallout from others if you decide to keep them as friends. 10 to 1, they’re reminding you how great they are to divert attention from the fact that they’re running you down to everyone else.
9. Trust yourself before you trust anyone else. Follow your heart… it will very seldom steer you wrong.

I let the wrong people interfere with friendships I had with others. I’ve lost a lot of friends I truly cared about because of it and I hurt a lot of people I care about because of it.
With any luck, I may be able to recover and start over with some of those friends. There are others I know I will never get back.
The only person I can blame in this is myself. I let the wrong people influence me. I trusted them. I decided I was going to listen even when something inside me was telling me something was off. That was my mistake and no one else’s.

Just be careful out there in World Wide Web.

To Those Who Have Commented On My Blog

Thank you all so much… I mean it when I say I have been overwhelmed by the show of support.

So here’s my odd little way of saying thank you… a little playlist about friends and friendship.

Thanks again, everyone! 🙂

xx Michelle

Seems the Pretenders won’t work from my playlist. so here’s the video from YouTube.

Another Sleepless Night

Thought racing
taunting… condemning
Ever reminding me of past wrongs I’ve done

Can I ever make it up
to those I have hurt
My thoughts say no… and they’ll never forgive

Give up, they tell me
Forget about all about it
Because they don’t care and never will

But I care
I was foolish and hurt people I love
And I need them to know I’m so sorry

If they could give me one last chance
If they can forgive my human errors
If they could only see how much I hurt, too

I’ll never make the same mistakes again
I’ll be a better friend, better person than I was
I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right

Maybe, if I know I have that chance
Maybe, if I know I can be forgiven
I won’t another sleepless night

My Wish For You

My Wish For You
No fear, no pain
Know how much you’ve yet to gain
No sorrow, no tears
An abundance of love the rest of your years
Never give up even when all seems lost
Doing what’s right regardless the cost
This is my wish for you
Family to surround,
Comfort and love you
Friends who will always
Be there to support you
Every dream you’ve had, may they all come true
All this and more…
My wish for you

Persistence, perseverance, patience
Resilience, determination, and endurance
Belief in yourself and the power of love
Faith in God and Heaven above
All of these are
My wish for you

copyright 2010 Michelle Wampole

Someone Who Believes In You

I used to love Air Supply when I was younger, but I hadn’t really listened to them in years until this evening; One of my friends on Facebook was posting their videos.
This song really affected me. I thought of some great friends in my life who have done all of these things and more for me, and this is just me saying, I’ll be right there for them, too.

Someone Who Believes In You
Air Supply

When there’s a dark storm on your horizon
And you think you can’t get through it
Just put your hand in my hand
And I’ll show you how to do it

When the future looks uncertain
You can count on me to be there
And when your heart and soul are hurtin’
Just look and you’ll see me there

Just follow where I lead
I’ll give you what you need
A love that’s always true
And someone who believes in you

So when you’re searching for that rainbow
I will help you find it
And when a mountain stands before you
I will help you climb it

Just follow where I lead
I’ll give you what you need
A love that’s always true
And someone who believes in you

It’s time to come alive
Your moment has arrived
I’ll bring out the best in you
We can have it all
No, we will never fall
Looking down from our celestial view

Just follow where I lead
I’ll give you what you need
And I’ll tell you something else
You’ll start believing in yourself
It’s an easy thing to do
When you have someone who believes in you

Someone who believes
Someone who believes
I’m someone who believes
And you’ve got someone who believes in you