Too Far…

I had a particularly nasty experience with another Manilow fan over the weekend.

Now, it’s not that I didn’t know of this kind of thing happening. I know it happens all the time, though I wish it didn’t. It sheds such a negative light, not only on all Manilow fans, but on Mr. Manilow himself.

Anyway… I had posted a status on Facebook. One of those “repost if you agree” things. In and of itself, nothing to get your undies in a twist over. My niece, in one of her replies, apparently ticked off one of my “friends” when she wrote “My mommy says I shouldn’t trust everything I read on facebook. And I shouldn’t trust anything written from someone who loves Barry Manilow.”

You need to know my niece and me and something about our relationship to realize that, she was just having a little fun… at my expense, sure, but it wasn’t anything that I wasn’t used to and it wasn’t anything I was really upset by.

This person, who, because it’s not my style to make life miserable for someone I’m pissed at, shall remain nameless, took it upon herself to privately message my niece.

This is what she wrote in her message:

“Hi Courtney, My name is … and I have a page named … I just wanted you to know that your mommy is wrong to tell you not to trust anything that anyone would say who loves Barry Manilow.I happen to know a lot of people who are great people and very trust worthy who love Barry Manilow. Don’t judge people, or you will be judged. I really doesn’t matter who you like as a singer everyone has their own tastes. But as you get older, you will learn not to hate, and that nice is good. Moms are not always right.”

On the surface, I guess it’s not too bad… but she had no basis for it other than just that one comment. And it didn’t end there.

My niece, not knowing who this person was or why they would write to her in the first place, responded like many 18 year old kids would respond… with a simple “WTF”?

I found out about the exchange soon after and chatted with this person via Facebook IM and told her that, while I appreciate having people stand up for me, it really wasn’t necessary and she should just let it go. It was a nice chat, she seemed like a nice person, and I thought she understood and that would be the end of it.

Not so…

She chose to write to my niece several more times, privately, and barraged her with many insults including that she was worthless and would never amount to anything and also continued to insult my sister, as well, saying what a terrible mother she is.

When I heard about that, I emailed this person and told her she had crossed a line and owed an apology to my niece and sister because she said a lot of terrible, untrue things to and about people she didn’t even know.

Her response was that she had every right to do what she did because she was responding to a public conversation that could be seen on by everyone on Facebook.

I’d accept that had she responded in public, but she did not. She chose to respond and attack by private message. Needless to say, I was not going to deal with her anymore and I ended up booting and blocking her from my friends list on Facebook and the Manilow Network.

Let me make this clear to everyone… when it comes to my family, I know all of them, I love all of them, and I do not need to be defended from them. We have our moments, disagreements, fights like every family… but we get over it pretty quick. Also, being the only real Manilow fan in my family, I’m used to smart-ass comments from other family members. I’ve heard it all, trust me.

What it comes down to is this… you see a post I’ve made somewhere and you want to comment either to me or someone else who has commented, I have no problem whatsoever with that as long as you make it a public comment.

Do not track down someone else and attack them privately… my family or not.

It’s just not the right thing to do and it will not win you any brownie points with me. What it will do is get you booted and blocked, too.

As far as I’m concerned my family is first… before friends, before Barry, before anyone and anything except God.