Sen. Harry Reid Is A Coward

And so are all the other politicians who caved on the Assault Weapons Ban.

I don’t believe assault weapons with clips that hold enough ammo to wipe out an entire neighborhood is what our founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the 2nd Amendment. Assault weapons didn’t exist then… so stop with all this “It’s my 2nd Amendment right to own an assault rifle” bullshit.

It’s your right to own a gun, yes, for protection or to provide food for your family. I agree every American has that right.

But whether it’s a deer or an assailant, if you can’t take ’em down with the first round… you don’t get another shot (The deer bolts and is gone and, if you’re lucky, so does the assailant… unless they kill you first).

The only people who should be armed with assault weapons are military personnel and law enforcement officers. Period.

Let the stone throwing begin!

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