When October Goes

My favorite song… and a tradition I started years ago.
The last thing I do, every Halloween, before settling in for the night, is listen to this song.
Beautiful and haunting and the perfect song..
Thought I’d share it with you this year.

When October Goes
Lyric: Johnny Mercer
Music: Barry Manilow

And when October goes 
The snow begins to fly 
Above the smokey roofs 
I watch the planes go by 

The children running home 
Beneath a twilight sky 
Oh, for the fun of them 
When I was one of them 

And when October goes 
The same old dream appears 
And you are in my arms 
To share the happy years 

I turn my head away 
To hide the helpless tears 
Oh how I hate to see October go 

I should be over it now I know 
It doesn’t matter much 
How old I grow 
I hate to see October go