My Wishes For You…

I wish you you knew just how much you mean to me

You may think you do, but you don’t

because I’m not always able to say how I feel

I wish you understood just how special you are

Not just to me, but to everyone touched by you

I wish this life had been kinder to you

But then again, if it had,

you may not have become the person I know

I wish you could see yourself

through the eyes of those who hold you most dear

You would never again be unsure or insecure

I wish you saw your value to those who love you more

and the opinions of those who don’t really know you less

I wish that you realize real beauty

has nothing to do with the size you wear

or the way you style your hair

It has everything to do with what’s inside your heart

and how you share it with others in your life

and you are truly beautiful.

I wish for you…





good health

good friends

a good life well-lived

I wish you more sunshine than rain

more laughter than tears

more happiness than sadness

more acceptance for who you really are

than acceptance for who you’re thought to be

more real friends, who are true to you

than pretenders who curse you when your back is turned

more sweet peace than turmoil and chaos

Above all of these things…

I wish you great love

Not just from those who care about you

but within yourself for others.

I wish you the Happiest Birthdays

The Merriest Christmases

and the nicest days

and if you haven’t figure it out by now…

I wish you to know I love you

I do

I love you

© 2012 Michelle D. Wampole

All Rights Reserved

This is dedicated to everyone in my life that I love and will love…

You all mean so much more to me than you will ever know.

For Lisa…

How do I explain how I’ve felt since we reconnected…
How do I tell you how I feel
Was all of this something totally by chance or is it God ordained
It’s for sure complicated

All I know is that, until you came back into my life
It was all like a frame from a film frozen out of focus in time
But day by day it’s becoming clearer with you as the central theme
and I don’t want to picture you anywhere else but with me

I know you love someone else
And I know that won’t change overnight… It may never change
I’m just saying, if you ever do let go… and if you’re willing to try
I’ll be right here, always… loving you.

Is this too soon… we’ve only just reconnected
Maybe… but I loved you back then, too
And I never really stopped
So is 25 years too soon

Or is 25 years too late

I just wanted you to know
Because I know your heart is breaking
You’re not alone
Mine is breaking, too… for you.

And because I am a sucker for a really  cheesy love song… LOL

You Make Me Feel

It’s been a long day, going into one of those nights
I don’t want to know from anything
I’d like to crawl inside myself and turn the it all off

Instead I slide the disc in
Hit play and wait
No hesitation, no patience

The music fills the room, and I start
To relax and drift away
And soon, there’s a smile

And then there are tears

And then I am dancing

And then I am laughing

And then the tears come again

And I don’t know how you do it
But I’m grateful that you do

When the pressure from the weight of the world
Gets to be too much and I slowly go numb
I turn to you because you make me feel

I feel hurt, I feel pain, I feel anger,
I feel silly, I feel sorrow, I feel joy
I feel passion, I feel love, I feel renewed

Most of all…

I feel alive!

Copyright 2011 Michelle D. Wampole

Thank you, from my heart, for being some of the best therapy money didn’t have to buy.


So much confusion
So much anger
So much hurt

What was the truth
What were the lies
Was any of it real

You hurt my friends
You hurt me
You hurt yourself, but you’re too blind to see it

Stop, just stop
before more people are hurt
before it’s too late to repair the damage

Copyright 2010 Michelle D. Wampole


I want so badly to be able to talk to you one more time
To be able to say how sorry I am for every time I hurt
or disappointed you
But I guess that bridge was burned long ago
and there’s no way to cross it now
But if you knew how much I still care
How proud I am of who you are and all you’ve done
Would any of that make a difference
Could we find a way to start over

I’ve made mistakes
And I’d give anything to take them back
Everything I have, everything I am

Can you ever forgive

Copyright 2010 Michelle D. Wampole