RIP Dick Clark

I am stunned, still…

Maybe I shouldn’t be, he was 82, after all, but there are just some people who are so legendary… so iconic… that have been around for so long… that they sort of take on this mythological aura and you start to think that immortality is possible and they are one of the chosen few who will live forever. For me, Dick Clark was one of those legendary, iconic and mythological characters.

So when I heard that he passed away earlier today of a massive heart attack, my mind absolutely refused to process the information for several minutes.

I remember watching American Bandstand when I was growing up and just being in awe of the music and artists I was introduced to, not to mention keeping up with all the latest dances, too. We also watched the $25,000 Pyramid (I think it anyway… the dollar amount changed a few times over the years it was on).
And who can forget all the Bloopers & Practical Jokes shows he did with Ed McMahon?
Those were the shows he was on himself, but… I can’t even count the number of programs and movies I have watched over the years that included “dc productions” at the end of the credits.

 Not bad for a guy who started his career in a mailroom at WRUN.
There are few things I am certain about in this life, but this I know is true.
The impact and influence Dick Clark had in Music, Radio and Television is immeasurable and will never be forgotten.
And New Year’s Eve will never be the same.
God bless you, Dick… and rest in peace!