Open Letter To Congress

To the members of the United States Congress.

My name is Michelle Wampole and I am an American citizen. I was born and raised here in the United States and until the last decade, I truly believed this was the best country in the world.

I don’t believe that anymore.

You have all failed us. Whether you be a Representative or a Senator.

And I blame myself and every other American for letting you get away with it.

You have gone from being a Government force to be reckoned with to reducing yourselves to a bunch of schoolyard bullies more concerned with who gets to control the sandbox than with the condition and care of those who are in the sandbox.

For once in your lives, stop being concerned with your own self interests and the parties you belong to and do what you were elected to do!


Stop the partisan bullshit and work as a group to make America and the people who live within her borders better!

My life in the last 5+ years has become an ever increasing personal hell because you people can’t get your acts together.

I barely survive on a Social Security income because I am disabled. I didn’t ask to be. I don’t want to be, but it just is what it is. I’m not a lazy person by nature. I would love to be able to work. I did work for 20+ years before I was disabled, since my early teens. I paid my taxes and voted in every election I could (still do). I contributed to paying your salaries and now I and so many millions of other Americans are being given the short end of the stick because you, the people we entrusted to take care of us, have been fiscally irresponsible and morally bankrupt for far too long.

I have not seen a cost of living allowance added in my benefits in the last several years. Why? Because you all said there hasn’t been an increase in the cost of living to merit one. But you managed to vote yourself raises in your incomes. I dare all of you to try to live on less than $700/month like I do.

I lost my car two years ago because gas and maintenance became too expensive for me. I ended up having to park it in front of my house in my designated parking place and leave it. After four months, the city came a towed it away stating it was “abandoned” even though I showed all the paperwork that I owned it and the insurance was up to date. I couldn’t afford to get it out of impound and I lost it forever.

Don’t tell me the cost of living hasn’t gone up, it has!

I can deal with what I have right now. I have been. That’s fine. But now I read that because you all can’t get your collective act together and agree on a budget and debt ceiling, I may not get any benefits at all in the next couple of months. That is UNACCEPTABLE!

I teeter on the verge of homelessness all the time as it is. If you can’t get this worked out and I do lose all my benefits, I will be homeless. And so will scores of others. Are you even thinking about us when you have your sandbox tantrums?

As for President Obama, I applaud him for drawing a proverbial line in that sand, taking a stand and saying “enough is enough”.

Enough is enough. If you can’t make things stretch and meet in the middle, how about you all take a pay cut for once?

Personally, I wish the government were run like a corporation sometimes. That way we could fire the whole lot of you and get some people in there who aren’t afraid of, or too pissy at each other to get the work done that needs doing. You don’t seem to be able to.

Prove me wrong and make things right before I and so many others end up with absolutely nothing.

Personally, I don’t think you have it in you and I have lost all faith in the whole lot of you.

God, I hope I’m wrong

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