You Make Me Feel

It’s been a long day, going into one of those nights
I don’t want to know from anything
I’d like to crawl inside myself and turn the it all off

Instead I slide the disc in
Hit play and wait
No hesitation, no patience

The music fills the room, and I start
To relax and drift away
And soon, there’s a smile

And then there are tears

And then I am dancing

And then I am laughing

And then the tears come again

And I don’t know how you do it
But I’m grateful that you do

When the pressure from the weight of the world
Gets to be too much and I slowly go numb
I turn to you because you make me feel

I feel hurt, I feel pain, I feel anger,
I feel silly, I feel sorrow, I feel joy
I feel passion, I feel love, I feel renewed

Most of all…

I feel alive!

Copyright 2011 Michelle D. Wampole

Thank you, from my heart, for being some of the best therapy money didn’t have to buy.

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